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The Kaleidoscope Discovery Center 2021 Report on Summer Activities

The spring and summer months have been busy for Kaleidoscope Discovery Center as we have returned to in person programming. We started back during Spring Break with Robotics classes in both Rolla and Waynesville! For our Spring Break in Waynesville, we were able to partner with the Ark Community Center for a space for our programming and brought WeDos to Waynesville!

Our summer programs have been going strong since June and will continue through August. Most of our robotics classes were held at the Eugene Northern Building in downtown Rolla and have been a great success. Kaleidoscope Discovery Center conducted WeDo and EV3 Robotics outreach programs at Maranatha Baptist Academy in St. Robert. We further took our show on the road with our Robotics Road Trip to Licking and Newburg.

Thanks to your support, KDC won the Dream Big grant contest sponsored by Fidelity Communications! This grant directly impacted our ability to support our Robotics Road Trip summer program.

It has taken some time, but our new technology/robotics AmeriCorps VISTA position has been approved for a start date in August.  We are excited to welcome a new member to our team and look forward to all the great things that this new position will allow us to do.

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Our most exciting news is that we have finalized our plans for our Night of Magic which is set for October 2nd from 6-10pm at the Lion’s Club Den in Rolla! Kevin Spencer will be performing at this event. He is an award-winning performing artist who toured the world with one of the largest and most successful theatrical illusion productions in the U.S. At the pinnacle of his career, Spencer stepped away from the stage and into classrooms and hospitals. As an educator, artist, consultant, and cultural entrepreneur, he works to create inclusive communities where everyone experiences an authentic sense of belonging and no one – for any reason – is relegated to the margins. You can read more about Kevin on his website.

The website for the event thekaleidoscope.org/magic

Please check it out and consider attending or becoming a sponsor. This event will be our biggest fundraiser of the year and enable us to continue our mission of providing opportunities that value science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) through hands-on learning, encouraging imagination, exploration, and creation influencing a brighter tomorrow.

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 How you can help!

 Please consider switching your Amazon Smile account to benefit the Kaleidoscope Discovery Center and check out the Kaleidoscope Charity Wish List

On behalf of all of us at the Kaleidoscope, we thank you for your continued support


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