The Kaleidoscope Discovery Center can accept the following forms of payment: check, PayPal, credit card, and Venmo.

To pay with check: simply select “Check Payments” at checkout and mail a check to us at The Kaleidoscope Discovery Center, P.O Box 143, Rolla, Missouri 65402.

To pay with PayPal: simply select “PayPal” and then “Proceed to PayPal” at the bottom of this page.

To pay with credit card: select “PayPal” and then “Proceed to PayPal” at the bottom of this page and you can check within Paypal with your credit card. You do NOT need a PayPal account to check out with credit card this way.

To pay with Venmo: you’ll need to be on a mobile device (not computer). Venmo should be an option in the next screen. If it’s not, you probably need to “Enable mobile web purchases” on your mobile device. Here’s step-by-step directions how to do that.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: If requested, we will issue refunds upon notice of cancellation sent to provided notice is given by end of the second meeting of the class the student is signed up for. If it is a one week class, notice must be given prior to the beginning of  class to receive the refund.

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