Project MEGSSS Digital Logic Class


For Project MEGSSS 2nd year students and alumni, sessions on June 18-21 and June 25-288:30-11:30 A.M. at KDC.

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Advanced Digital Logic, 3 Hours
Pre-requisite: Operational Systems (Book 0-1) and at least Chapter 2 of Logic Book 1
Digital circuits are found in watches, calculators, video games, computers, and thousands of other devices. Smart circuits are present in virtually all aspects of our lives, and their presence is increasing rapidly, making digital electronics an important area of study for a prospective career in engineering.  Students will study the applications of electronic logic circuits and apply Boolean logic to the solution of problems. They will learn about the basics of digital electronics, number systems, logic gates, Boolean algebra, circuit design, flip- flops, counters, & state machines.

There will be homework, but no final exam.

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