Be a Pet Vet


Dates: March 28th, 1pm-4pm. Grades: Two groups — k-3 & 4-6



Do you have a pet? Do you want to get a pet? Being a pet owner is a big responsibility and it’s important to be able to take care of the pets in your family. Learn about some of the common ailments and issues that many family pets face and how to recognize and treat them. If you are just wanting to be a better pet care giver, or trying to convince your parents you are responsible enough for a pet, this class will teach you all about caring for pets.

Payment is due at time of registration.
We suggest registering before or on March 15, 2019.

IMPORTANT: Before your registration can be considered complete, you must fill the Program Registration Form, for more information please email

Note: You need to fill out one form per child, so if you are registering three children, you need to fill out three forms.

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Spring 2019


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4th-6th, Kindergarten-3rd


March 28