KaleidEscape Room - The Missing Explorer

The Missing Explorer


The Missouri Museum of Natural History had an interesting letter come into their possession. It was written by one Alexander Clark, younger brother of William Clark (the man who ventured out into the Louisiana Purchase). This letter tells the story of how Alexander and a team of adventurers went looking for an idol in a long-forgotten, Aztec temple. However, he never returned from his expedition and has been missing for two-hundred years. You work for the museum and they have sent you to go search for Alexander’s remains. They have also agreed that they will reimburse you for any treasure you find. Can you find Alexander Clark and return with a hefty fortune?

 This is a 1 hour event and will require cunning and outside-the-box thinking in order to find out what happened to Alexander. In order to participate, one must be able to walk up and down a flight of stairs. This is not meant to be a scary experience, but there are some aspects of this game that may cause discomfort for those who experience claustrophobia. Actual reimbursement is fictional and is merely meant to add incentive for depth of play.